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Tin Teepee Enterprises

100% Native Owned Corporation

Tin Teepee

Tin Teepee is a 100% Native Owned company mission is to provide employment opportunities nation wide to Native Americans.  We specializes in Federal Construction and we believe this ability to work nation wide with our mobile work force is a great advantage to all involved.  We have a strong connection to our Native American heritage and are proud to be not only Native but American's also.  We feel that this is the greatest country in the world and are proud to be apart of America's work force that keeps our infrastructure maintained and strong.

We self-perform the excavation, site work, structural concrete, and Construction Management Services for our projects. Our employees have vast experience in the Federal Contracting Arena and are extremely knowledge in the current means and methods to delivery a successful project on time within budget.

Our company has a robust safety plan with CIH and CSP on staff to ensure that our projects are safe and provide a healthy work environment to our employees.  We have long track record of safe projects and we believe our  vigilance in executing our Corporate Risk Program has the direct result of accident free job sties.